Tri Thonnur Triathlon, 2015
  • First Half Iron distance triathlon relay by women


The team comprising Pallavi Kulkarni (b May11, 1982), Dr Meera Velankar (b Dec 11,1975) and Indira Baikerikar (b May 30, 1972)completed a Half Iron distance relay as part of the Tri Thonnur Triathlon 2015, held at Thonnur lake near Mysuru, Karnataka on Sept 6,2015, becoming the first all-woman team to accomplish it. Pallavi swam 1.9 km in the open lake in 46 min 53 sec, followed by Meera cycling 90 km in 4 hr 21 min 2 sec and Indira running 21 km in 2 hr 36 min 24 sec, completing the event in 7 hr 44 min 18.7 sec.

I was fortunate to meet Pallavi Kulkarni on my vacation at my hometown Nashik. Her strong background of swimming at state level helped us start the race, in good 48 mins with breast stroke she covered 1.9 km.

Then came my turn, cycling route was difficult in terms of small roads, screaming villagers and elevation with addition of elevated temperatures and hot dry day. I had already returned my wings (carbon wheels) after Putrajaya and exchanged smile with a friend riding that…

It was almost 2 hrs 12 mins when I saw my Garmin and speed of hardly 21 km /hour and yes another 45 km to go. I was steady and wanted to finish the ride without any technical complication. Was able to conclude in 4:21 mins. I was the only lady to ride 90 km on that day in that event. Other team members also covered maximum distance on that day by female participant being a record ride.

Indira Baikerikar was waiting since long, as she had to run in the sun at 1:00 pm , instead of relaxing, we went to the route for her to boost her moral. It was overwhelming to see her finish. She was very stable being experienced ultra runner. In 2:36 run time with overall time of 7:44 it was very comfortable finish.

We three had our shares of kids, family chores n related chaotic routine but our planning and team work helped. There were lots of moments of feeling low in the journey. It was a unique attempt of motivating two more females to repeat the 70.3 effort for me.

The first all-woman team to accomplish this endeavour.