Brompton S2L
  • Test ride of Brompton S2L

Over all versatile for commuter and recreational riders

Brompton bike that someone has envisaged and it is handmade 40 years back is now available in India and Procycle, Bangalore is the only distributor of the bike.

In past five years I did accumulate valuable experience of riding almost 25 different brands and types of cycles like road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, recently tandem bikes and folding bikes. Brands include BMC, Trek, Merida, Giant, Fantom, Fuji, Neilpryde, KHS, Scott and Polygon.

Tested Brompton Bike:

It came to India and I was there type of feeling !! Thanks Procycle for the opportunity.

Name: Brompton S2L

Size and Weight: Bike folds well in 3 folds, 565 × 545 × 250 mm (22.2 × 21.5 × 9.8 in) with the standard seat post that I was using, with weight of 11.5 kgs.

Handle bar is very aero and standard, bike is very strong when you ride uneven surfaces or city roads, it gives you equal comfort of riding non-hinge road bike.

Wheels, Wheels are 16” so the bike has limitation on speed only when you plan to race otherwise it can satisfy need of speed for all city commutes and leisure rides.

I have a Brommie S2L with the 2 speed gearing here and it only has rear derailleur combining with the 54 tooth Chainring in the front. This spider crank is almost half the size of wheels.

This offers gearing that a can take care of city commute and even long rides. Small polyurethane “Desi Jugad” knob helps to absorb vibrations on ride and works as a suspension.

Over all versatile for commuter and recreational riders. Can be your solution for city traffic , office bike parking and bicycle theft problems.