Polygon bikes - A review
  • Polygon bikes-for urban commute, recreation and long distance

Indonesian brand with headquarters in Europe, product availability and other after sales interactions are easily possible. Brand is available with all major dealers across India.

The Covid 19 crisis is teaching us several things, the most important being that Life may not be the same again. However, although it might take more than the Corona threat to change the nature of humanity, some things that have already entered into our lives and are gradually becoming the new normal.

The current crisis started with a mere face mask, leading to social distancing and ultimately to a near-complete shutdown of almost all indoor fitness and outdoor activities including entertainment, that we enjoyed without any fear. Clearly, the focus has now shifted to staying indoors to avoid exposure and how we survive within the four walls, will decide our fate.

For a sportsperson, life has become more difficult within the confines of a house and ingenious skills would be required to remain competitive. Other than physical fitness, keeping ourselves mentally and ‘metabolically’ fit till we again are able to go out freely has become more important. Almost everything that we gained by simply being outdoor (such as Vitamin D) will have to keep coming within us, maybe through different means. After the indoor adaptation phase gets over, the body will have to accept the new normal and move on.

Despite the outdoor restrictions, world over, cycling is being re-accepted as the safest bet to remain fit while maintaining the required social distancing. Even in India, several state governments are slowly allowing people to ride their bicycles. Needless to say, cycling burns calories is low impact for people with joint problems, good cardio activity and helps for increasing metabolism. Finding a reason to ride the bicycle (even to run small errands) would be a thing to do. For those, who have still not brought a bike for themselves, here are few reviewed options

Heist 2

Color: Red
MRP: 32, 490/-

Specifics All purpose, Cross type hybrid
Frame AL6 HYBRID, double butted, welding job of high quality
Handle bar Wide and Alloy, 700 MM
Drive Train 8 speed with Altus at the back and 3 gears in the front
Tire Fast rolling, SCHWALBE SMART SAM, 700X40C
Seat post, Stem and Saddle Entity and Alloy
Components Mid entry level with disc brakes, Shimano’s BR-M315 Hydraulic disc brakes
Style City riding, bad road or all terrain bikes.
Weight Around 15 kgs

Good for recreational riding with upright comfortable position where speed is not the primary requirement

Path 2

MRP: 32, 490/-

Specifics City commute, comes with mechanical disc brakes. Bike with no suspension and upright riding position, frame is light weigh.
Frame AL6 Alloy with hydroforming process making it lighter and with ALUTECH ALLOY RIGID FORK
Handle bar Wide and Alloy, 700 MM
Drive Train 8 speed with Altus at the back and 3 gears in the front
Tire Fast rolling, VEE SPEEDSTER, 700X40C
Seat post, Stem and Saddle Entity and Alloy
Components Mid entry level with disc brakes, TEKTRO MD-M280, MECHANICAL DISC BRAKE
Style Urban commute and recreational city riding with upright confortable position, speed is not the primary requirement but style and comfort is
Weight Around 14.4 kgs

Divine R 5

Color:Shades of blue lilac
MRP: 91,990/-

Specifics The bike is an ideal Road bike for fast riding, touring, brevets or triathlons. Needless to say, she can be upgraded (with wheels and tires) for your local racing events.
Frame Alloy with light weight, fancy paint job and carbon fork with internal cable routing
Handle bar Alloy from Entity
Drive Train Shimano 105, 11 speed
Tire 700X28C with Entity XL3 Tubeless ready rims
Seat post, Stem and Saddle Entity and Alloy
Components 105 group set and woman specific geometry is very good combination, bike sizes 43 and 48 is very much appreciated for Indian market.
Style Road bike with woman specific geometry for Racing, Triathlons, Touring or Long distance rides. It is a good looking bike.
Weight Around 9.5 kgs

The bike frame is extremely comfortable for ‘Woman specific geometry’. The color of the frame comes in shades of blue lilac (the peacock colors) and is bound to impress women.

Riding the tiny XXS Divine R 5 was one of my most cherished experiences. I first tested it on a highway near Bangalore and then rode it during 200 BRM Anchetty. The XXS Divine is like Tabasco sauce, capable of bringing spice to life with just few hours of ride. It’s a great bike for women and therefore highly recommended. With her impeccable design and magnificent features (It comes with 105 drivetrain) the price (of around Rs. 92000) is sheer value for money.

Meera is using Polygon bikes since last 5 years , she has also finished India’s first tandem SR on Polygon Impressions in 2017 with partner Rafi S.

Special mention : Venkatesh Shivarama, Nirav Patel and Swamy M.